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GRM International, the global development management firm, partners with institutions, governments, and businesses worldwide to improve people’s quality of life. We succeed because of what we bring to each assignment.

By harnessing the power of possibility, we build a better future for nations and communities around the world.
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Featured Work

Australia Awards in Africa
Australia Awards provides a mix of Scholarships and Fellowships to Africans in the public, civil society and private sectors in targeted disciplines that support the home countries’ developmental priorities.

Featured Work

Enabling State Programme
The Enabling State Programme plays a supportive role in Nepal’s ongoing peace-building processes, with an emphasis on increased participation in the political settlement process for women, ethnic minorities, so-called lower caste groups and other marginalised groups.

Our Stories

Impact. Worldwide. Together. illustrates our global development work by telling the story of our people. Our greatest asset is our vast network of highly-skilled employees around the world. By sharing our team's stories, we put faces to the important work we do – bringing it to life.